Set Reset is an exhibition about the residual artifacts and labour networks of cinema, drawing from the private collection of production designer, Aradhana Seth. The exhibition is a collaboration between Seth’s House on Inquiry and Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru

Cinema permeates our lives not only as images and sounds experienced and remembered, but as a huge network of creative labour of all kinds. The glamour of film stars and the seduction of the movies often conceal the tremendous amount of collaborative and creative work that goes into the making of cinema. 

Set. Reset unearths these hidden layers through the personal collection of Production Designer, Aradhana Seth, who over several decades, has meticulously documented and archived the production process of the various films she has worked on. Her personal archive, which has shifted across Europe, North America, and Asia over the years, now lies in an old Goan house, Don Vaddo, in Saligao, where the exhibition is being held. 

The exhibition highlights the extensive design and artistic processes that go into planning and producing a film’s mise-en-scene, and the incredible networks of creative labour involved in the making of each frame. The exhibition also presents new art works created in response to Seth’s existing collection, along with film props, artifacts, letters, photographs, drawings, story-boards, architectural floor plans, paintings, scripts, legal contracts etc. from the archive. 

Set.Reset encourages visitors to engage with the vast range of design and artistic processes which create the magic of cinema. The exhibition offers lesser-seen perspectives on labour and the creative industries, transnational cinema, residues, archives and collections, and most significantly, resets our understanding of cinema itself by bringing to attention the vast expanse of networks of individuals, labour, money, skills, technologies and time that makes cinema.


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Images from the Collaboration between the Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore and Aradhana Seth. 

Video by Experimental Media Arts student: Preethi Karunakaran

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