We are looking for behind-the-scene and on screen stories and photographs that give an insight into the filmmaking process, and particularly the journey of the art department — from concept to screen.

Mood boards, sketches, visual or textual research, colour palettes, plans, work-in-progress images, set dressing and props, together with the final frames that they manifest in.

Tell us your rationale for the design language or choices, in the context of the film. The sourcing process, the fabrication, the disasters, the last-minute happy accidents, all kinds of granular details about your film’s design journey is of interest to us.

We are also curious about what happens ‘after’. The impact of the materiality of cinema outside of the screen. How objects or spaces take on a life of their own, and how they might have an impact on you or popular culture.

Below are a few guidelines for your submission:

  • Please send us photographs (high resolution ideally) with file name captions and photo credits.
  • A few lines, a short essay or a story about the photograph(s). (This is mandatory)
  • The name and year of the film, or films
  • Your connection with the film
  • If you worked on it what was your role/designation?
  • The names and designation of the people involved Director, Film Company, Studio or Platform, Production Designer, Set Decorator and others who were involved with your piece.
  • Your full name and contact details including email address and social media handles (optional)

By sending in this information you agree to your submissions being used on the website, social media accounts, in publications, press, exhibitions (national and International), slide presentations, talks, workshops meant for educational and promotional purposes by ‘The Material Memory of Cinema’ in all existing and future media


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