Dining car in The Darjeeling Limited
The Darjeeling Limited // Dining Car


The Material Memory of Cinema is dedicated to the collection, circulation and archiving of all that constitutes production design.

By reframing objects, spaces, and residues of film, and by inviting contributions and conversations, we hope to keep the memory of cinema alive beyond the screen. We hope to create a vivid window into the world of production design and art direction.

The museum seeks to archive digital and physical collections of architectural drawings, stories of how props and objects were designed, procured or made, script breakdowns, storyboards, location scouting notes, still photographs, props, documentation of the set dressing process, artworks — everything that goes into the visual fabric of a film. 

All of these elements act as a testament to the very history and life of cinema, that the museum seeks to conserve as a reservoir of collective memory. The museum serves as a space for research, and other creative interventions. Filmmakers, archivists, academics, artists, designers, researchers and curators are invited to use and engage with it, in a process of creative and critical discussion and debate.

We hope the museum grows into a space centered on the love for cinema, with a special emphasis on the other multitude of arts it carries with and within itself.